Urgent Messages

Drivers: When removing zip ties at the inbound lanes, please dispose of the ties in the trashcans under the inbound canopy. Failure to do so will result in a one day ban. Thank you for your help in protecting the environment.

11/15/2021 1:27:46 PM

Drivers - Text PACINFO to 47177 to sign up for terminal alerts.

Attention Drivers - Sign up for Ports America Chesapeake Text Alerts Text PACINFO to 47177 for the latest information on: Empty Depot changes Specific yard location alerts Traffic pattern changes Gate hour updates & other urgent terminal alerts

11/12/2021 3:20:41 PM

ERD Policy Reminder

Effective April 15, 2021: Ports America Chesapeake’s ERD will be 7 business days prior to the vessel’s estimated time of arrival (ETA), but the ERD will be set no later than 9 business days prior to the vessel’s ETA and will be locked. • Once the ERD is set by 9 business days out, it will open for receiving 7 business days out and will not be changed. We suggest that the shipping community discuss this policy with their ocean carrier partners, as they may impose more limiting ERD policies.

11/10/2021 9:47:28 AM

Export Hazmat Documents Procedure

Any export hazardous load received at Seagirt Marine Terminal must have the hazmat documents submitted electronically to hazmats@portsamerica.com prior to arrival. Please include the container number in the subject line. If the documents are not received, the load will be rejected at the gate.

10/14/2021 12:11:30 PM

Annual BMTA Tariff Effective October 1, 2021

A new BMTA Tariff has been published and will be effective 10/01/2021. The complete tariff can be viewed here: https://mpa.maryland.gov/Documents/BMTAScheduleEffective10012021.pdf (copy & paste link into browser)

10/12/2021 6:55:46 AM

Interchange Policy Reminder

There is a $129.14 processing fee for all containers that are removed from the terminal without a completed interchange ticket. The processing fee will be owed prior to the container being accepted back into the terminal. Progressive disciplinary action will be taken for Motor Carriers that do not follow this process.

10/1/2021 10:54:41 AM

Milestone Chassis Inventory Updates are now Online

https://www.milecorp.com/chassis-finder/ [copy & paste link into browser, then bookmark]

9/23/2021 9:29:40 AM

TRAC Metro Chassis Pool Availability Updates are now Online

https://inventory.tracintermodal.com/metro [copy & paste link into browser, then bookmark]

8/27/2021 10:02:17 AM

DCLI Chassis Pool Availability Updates are now Online

https://dcli.com/regional-information/northeast/ [copy & paste link into browser, then bookmark]

8/27/2021 10:02:05 AM

Need to contact us? Use the online Support Request form!

As part of our continuous effort to provide the best possible Customer Service, Ports America Chesapeake is pleased to announce the launch of our Customer Support Contact Form. Our goal is to answer your questions and resolve issues as quickly as possible by submitting your cases directly to the departments responsible for handing them. We encourage all brokers, forwarders, ocean carriers, dispatchers, BCO’s, etc. to initiate communication with the terminal using this method. This form is accessible at www.pachesapeake.com. We kindly ask that all required fields are entered correctly in order for the issue to be addressed promptly. As Ports America Chesapeake, we strive to provide outstanding customer service to our customers and vendors and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support as we implement new services to our community.

8/27/2021 9:31:40 AM

ATTENTION DRIVERS - For Customer Service, text your trouble ticket # to 410-649-7769 Reasons to text include:  Assistance resolving a trouble ticket  Any out of gauge cargo

12/14/2020 7:20:14 AM